We often get asked if we would hire out our yachts for accommodation, especially during periods where accommodation in the city is hard to find; like the Sydney to Hobart Race and the Wooden Boat Festival.  Staying in King's Pier Marina during these times is about as awesome as it gets for boat enthusiasts, The marina is where the competitors and participants in these events are located and the centre for all the dockside festivities. ...

Sailing Helsal IV

船长带你在德文特河上畅游3小时。航行在世界上最大和最美的自然港口之一的霍巴特港,同时尽情欣赏霍巴特和惠灵顿山的美景。取决于风向和风力,游艇通常会带您到南海的出海口,并且返回悉尼霍巴特帆船大赛的终点线。您会在62英尺的豪华游轮上享受舒适的行程,同时也可以随您所愿和我们一起掌舵杨帆。 额外费用下我们会帮您准备美味佳肴和塔斯马尼亚新鲜佳酿。

Sailing on the Derwent River, Hobart Tasmania, on Helsal IV

我们将会为冒险爱好者们提供一个独一无二的机会,在悉尼-霍巴特的游艇大赛的路线结束的转角处观看这史诗性的比赛。我们提供两条两日游的路线,第一条路线于12月28日出发,第二条路线于12月30日出发。 我们会航行至塔斯曼半岛——亚瑟港的所在地,三角,还有那标志性的的塔斯曼岛。

Cape Pillar, Helsal IV



Sunset in Tasmania aboard Helsal IV sailing to Port Arthur


Bathurst Narrows from Balmoral Hill, Port Davey, South West Tasmania

途径90米高的沿海悬崖,进入澳大利亚海豹的聚集地,茂密的桉树生长大与世隔绝的海滩上,可以在举世闻名的亚瑟港、酒杯湾或者玛利亚岛抛锚休息。有机会看到海豚、海豹和信天翁,迁移季会看到鲸鱼。 在62英寸的豪华游轮的私人船舱过夜、经验丰富的船员们会细心照料您的需求,有没有准备好一次让您毕生难忘的旅行?

Helsal IV at anchor at the Hazard Range, Freycinet Peninsula Tasmania


Helsal IV sailing in Storm Bay Tasmania



Helsal IV sailing at sunset, Tasmania

Sailing on the beautiful expansive Hobart harbour at twilight is an experience not to be missed. Views of the sparkling city with its rolling hills and magnificent mountain backdrop are breathtaking in the summer twilight.  Sail on the River Derwent taking in the view before coming to anchor in a sheltered bay where you will be served a wonderful meal of the best Tasmanian food accompanied by our famous wines and beer, or whatever takes your fancy.

Twilight at anchor

Spend a day sailing on the magnificent harbour and anchoring for an exquisite seafood lunch and relaxation.  Take in the magnificent scenery and maybe see seals or dolphins and sometimes even whales.  Take a turn on the wheel, or learn the ropes if you like.  Once at anchor you can go for a swim or a walk on the secluded sandy beach, or just relax and enjoy your ultimate Tasmanian holiday indulgence.

  • "THANX Mark and Luke!! Had the BEST DAY of our lives ever. And now even more convinced that sailing is something we need to take up, if not just for the pleasure of being on the ocean working with such beautiful beasts these boats are! Already spreading the word and will continue upon our return to the UK :D Simply Amazing."
    – Jenny H, Birmingham, UK
  • “I really had the time of my life on the Helsal IV. This is something you have to do in your lifetime. If you are in Hobart don’t miss this amazing experience.”
    – John Y, Hampshire, UK
  • "Relaxing in timeless Port Davey with Mark, Marcia and Luke was a worldclass experience not to be missed. Cruising calm, sunny waters of untouched beauty in superyacht style and comfort with an expert guide. Attentive crew combining safe sailing with friendly fun and fabulous food. Chance of a lifetime - grab it if you can."
    – Bob F, London, UK
  • "Lazily sailing around in a very handsome yacht, friendly, knowledgable and baby friendly crew, delicious assortment of food and drinks throughout the day, we had a wonderful day with all the elements working together perfectly."
    – Siegrists, Melbourne, Australia
  • "Thanks for such a great day out on the Derwent! What better way to spend a 39 degree summer afternoon than onboard such a beautiful vessel. Everything was perfect!"
    – Reny R, Hobart, Tasmania
  • "Where to begin!  In a nutshell the whole thing was great!  Beautiful food. Friendly, skilled crew. Comfortable beds.  What a treat. ... Mark and his partner Marcia were the consummate hosts.  The whole journey was a pleasure.  Many thanks M&M."
    – Pip C, Kingscliff, Australia
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